Waterfront Living At Cedar Ridge

Waterfront living in Ontario may seem like an unrealistic dream to have, but there is something so alluring about the tranquility of living on a lake. It reminds you of childhood cottage memories or camping trips with friends and family.

There is an indescribable feeling when you surround yourself with this undeniably Canadian landscape, and it isn’t as unachievable as you may think.

There is a new opportunity to have a piece of Ontario waterfront living all to yourself, and it lies in a premium waterfront community called Cedar Ridge.

Along the southern shore of Georgian Bay is a waterfront community that prioritizes recreational opportunities and tranquil relaxation for all of its residents. The proximity to Georgian Bay allows for you to experience a natural arena for a variety of different sports and hobbies that give you a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Cedar Ridge community has its own beach for members of the community to utilize for simple relaxation, as a jumping of point for a lengthy swim or for the occasional sand castle. It’s a great spot for avid boaters and there are ample opportunities for fishing and water sports such as wake boarding and water skiing.

When you’re not enjoying the water yourself, the community’s positioning also allows for wonderful waterfront views from various points throughout Cedar Ridge.

For those who prefer land based activities, Cedar Ridge has approximately two-hundred acres of private, forested land for those who enjoy hiking, running and biking. There are also community tennis courts for pros and amateurs to start up a friendly game or to practice their skills.

Though these activities don’t require the water, you will always be reminded of Georgian Bay by the fantastic views from different vantage points in the community. Just being in a waterfront community helps to make these everyday activities all the more fun and relaxing.

When it comes to the homes at Cedar Ridge, it is up to you to decide on your dream waterfront cottage. The lots are approximately two acres of private, forested land that you can use to suit the needs of your friends and family. Whether you are looking to build a vacation home for your entire extended family, or a small retirement cottage that will be used all season long, you’ll find a blank canvas at Cedar Ridge to realize your dreams.

Each lot has specific features that make it unique, some have fantastic views of Georgian Bay, while others are just steps away from the community beach. There are lots that back on to the private two-hundred acres of hiking and biking land for added privacy, and there are still some available lots with private waterfront access. There is truly no bad place to be at Cedar Ridge with such close proximity to Georgian Bay.

Cedar Ridge also has quite an attractive location in terms of its proximity to the major city of Toronto. There is just a two hour drive from the city to Cedar Ridge in Tiny Township for those making the trek. This gives you ample opportunity to enjoy your waterfront property without orchestrating a huge trip. Weekend getaways can be spent actually enjoying your new cottage lifestyle instead of sitting in traffic up to Muskoka.

Tiny Township not only offers amazing proximity but it also has the added advantage of being quieter in terms of tourism, giving you a more isolated, relaxing trip away from the city. Cedar Ridge evokes a feeling of privacy with large forested lots that are tucked away from any major town or city, but it is within fifteen minutes of the small town of Lafontaine for small town comforts like grocery stores and an LCBO. Wasaga Beach is also a short drive away if you want to experience more hustle and bustle in the summer months, but you can always count on returning to your Cedar Ridge oasis to recharge.

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