A Different Type of Home, a Different Kind of Builder

Stepping beyond an acceptable structure to a superior home has got a great deal to do with the material that you choose. The building envelope will also count.

With insulated concrete forms from ICFhome.ca, you are always ascertained that your building structure will offer you with the best performance.

A great building structure provides you with an excellent place to spend most of your time.  Taking the choice of building materials that are more advanced implies that you will have an initial investment that will be paying you dividends with time.

Insulated concrete home should be your ultimate solution. With their durability, since they have got a concrete structure and the likelihood for increased resale value, choosing ICFs makes much sense.

5-in-1 Wall Assembly:

When making the choice of using ICFs for assembling your concrete home walls, you get the advantage of it being a five-in-one wall assemblage. You will get five benefits that will be completed in just a single step.

Traditionally, all these benefits would have accrued by undertaking separate steps. Sometimes, there would be the need for an entirely different trade for one to enjoy the benefits. The utilization of insulated concrete forms construction, assures you that schedules will always stay on time. The building project will save you much money. Such as, on the labor needed and added materials; compared to traditional construction.

During the assembly of structure walls with ICFs you will enjoy:

Furring strips, which are entrenched inside the panels of the foam. They make it easy to attach directly to the insulated concrete forms.

Vapor retarder, whereby the ICFs materials provided by XYZBuilders have got the ability to reduce water and moisture penetration.

Air Barrier, the solid wall will serve as a barrier to air. This that allows for a very low ACH giving you a superb stay in the house.

Insulation, every EPS panel on the concrete form that is insulating offer an insulation for the total assemblage of the wall at R-22.

Structural wall, which is the structural component that is provided by the steel reinforced concrete.

Investing in the modern insulated concrete forms when building your home means that you will be enjoying lots of accrued benefits. XYZBuilders has built numerous concrete homes projects for the past 25 years. Therefore, taking a consideration of this company as your custom home builder assures you of a quality home. The home will be well built and with modern technology/materials. The following are some of the benefits:

1. High Energy Efficiency.

The thermal performance level that is provided by the envelope of the insulated concrete forms is related directly to three different components. They include air tightness, thermal mass, and R-Value. The three elements have got different and direct effects on the efficiency of energy of a building or home. The building performance is reduced drastically when one of the components misses during the process of construction. XYZBuilders ICFs addresses these characteristics of a high energy efficient home or building. This implies that the homeowner will save much energy.

R-Value is the measure of the insulation capacity to obstruct the flow of heat. When the value is higher, the insulation is better. XYZBuilders insulating concrete forms have got an incredible R-Value. The R-Value include drywall finish, concrete, and EPS foam. It is also important to understand that ICFs offers the homeowners will 100% insulation continuously. ICFs walls will not have any gaps.

On the other hand, Thermal mass is a building design concept. It offers an explanation on how the building mass lowers fluctuations of temperatures. When there is a huge temperature variation outside the building, a significant thermal mass helps in “flattening out” the daily changes of temperatures in the interior. Since ICFs have got concrete at the center, they provide the walls of the building with an enormous amount of thermal mass.

Air tightness can be termed as the measure of how tightly the surface of the building is sealed. Such as to offer a prevention of the movement of air in and out of the building or home. It can be via service penetrations, doors, windows, and porous wall materials. There will be virtually no air movement via the insulated concrete forms wall. This is since ICFs are made of a concrete uniform wall system.

The ICFs technology by ICFhome.ca offers a combination of these three thermal performance components. By offering low to zero air infiltration, concrete thermal mass, and a high R-Value or EPS insulation. There is no other assemblage of walls that can achieve this energy efficiency level without taking some additional steps.

2. Water and Moisture Management.

The use of ICFs offers better moisture and water movement control. Water and moisture intrusion is among the biggest issues that are associated with poor building performance. The moisture intrusion is also associated with building and construction defects. Homeowners spend millions of dollars annually to mitigate water and moisture issues in homes and buildings. Poorly constructed and designed envelope is among the major culprit for water and moisture intrusion in homes and buildings.

When used for the shell of the building, insulated concrete forms drastically reduce chances of water and moisture intrusion. This is since ICFs assembled walls are vapor retarded. Furthermore, the points of connections can be designed to offer an elimination of water and humidity instruction.

The abilities of mold formation are eliminated or reduced through the creation of an interior environment. It allows the mechanical systems to control humidity amounts in the spaces of living. An Insulated Concrete Home will offer you with a mold free living space making your stay awesome continuously.

3. Disaster Resistance and Safety.

Concrete homes are built in such a way that they can withstand natural disasters. Thus, offering you with safety. Through the many years of experience that XYZBuilders have bagged in this form of wall building technology; you will be offered with a disaster resistant buildings and homes. Today, natural disasters are becoming more of a trend. They are destructing human lives not to mention their homes and properties. The likes of storm surges, hurricanes, and tornadoes are a few example of the disasters that we are facing in life.

Through the provision of a steel reinforced concrete wall, ICFs wall technology offers a great solution for lives and property protection. They can be designed so as to withstand winds that exceed two hundred and fifty miles per hour. A building that has got the ability to withstand its structural design during man-made or natural disaster has got a positive and dramatic impact on the property and occupants safety.

There is also a significant fire protection with ICFs. When you make the choice of building with ICFs, you will also enjoy peace of mind knowing that both your investment on the property and your lives are in safety.

4. Comfort and Indoor Air Quality.

Insulated Concrete Homes and buildings provide for a better indoor environment. In a building structure, the occupants are always hugely affected by the general indoor environment and air quality. Research indicates that inabilities to offer control of the air pollutants, drafts, cold and hot spots, and humidity levels have got an extreme impact on employees’ productivity in work offices. It also has got an impact on abilities of students to learn in schools and people’s health in homes.
When used in the building envelope, ICFs offers a framework that positively impact the general home and building comfort. This is through the elimination of cold and hot spots because of insulated concrete forms’ embedded high performance regarding their thermal properties. Asthma and allergy sufferers have seen a relief when structures are properly designed to offer a control of the indoor environmental quality.

How Insulated Concrete Forms Work:

Insulated Concrete Forms comprises of poured concrete walls, which stay intact as part of the wall assembly permanently. ICFs serve as a continuous insulation and a barrier to sound and air entry. Furthermore, steel reinforcement is placed vertically and horizontally, so as to offer the wall with greater strength, before pouring or pumping the concrete inside.

ICFs by Ontario Home Builders comes in two basic configurations. They include individual planks or panels which connect with steel or plastic ties and hollow-core blocks that interlock and stack like Legos. These are just bust the basic categories, which have got different insulated concrete products. These products are differentiated depending on how the forms attach, the structural configuration that they form (like a grid system, post-and-beam, or flat wall), insulating values, and thickness.

There are plenty of benefits that accrue from a builder’s perspective when using ICFs. They include:

The attachment of the interior drywall and exterior siding to the form faces can be done directly, whereby most of the ICFs have incorporated integral attachment systems.

The fact that these walls come pre-insulated help in the elimination of extra labor and insulation costs that would have otherwise been incurred when insulating.
Insulating concrete forms offer protection on the concrete from extreme temperatures something that offers for concrete placement at below the freezing temperatures.

Since these forms remain intact, the Insulated Home Building period is reduced, thus saving time. A typical foundation of a home will take one day.
Lastly, the erection of the walls is easy because the foam forms are lightweight. Ontario Home Builders will provide alignment and bracing systems

What Advantages Does a Home Owner Get When Living In An ICF Home?

Healthier environments, reduced noise, and energy cost saving are some of the major things that draw homeowners to constructing an Insulated Concrete House. It is wise to consider what a person gets from an ICF home that can’t is achieved by a wood-framed wall. This can be in the terms of safety, affordability, and comfort. According to statistics by PCA and ICFA, the following are some of the most compelling benefits of ICF homes:

1. Lower Energy Bills:

Insulated Concrete Homes requires 32 percent less energy to cool and 44 percent less energy to heat when compared to a wood-frame home. This is basing from a study that was carried out in Canada and the U.S. The huge energy savings result from tighter construction and the overwhelming insulating values for ICF walls.

2. Greater Comfort.

We must all agree that insulated concrete homes are quite from outside and inside – this offer greater comfort. The people who have managed to live in ICF homes have made the proofs that the absence of unwanted noise and cold drafts are the huge benefits. Compared with a typical frame house, the barriers formed by concrete-and-foam sandwich reduces the infiltration of air by as high as 75 percent.

The effectiveness of ICF walls is also evident when keeping away loud noises. Sound penetration is lowered by the vast mass of concrete walls. A concrete home is a three-quarters quieter, despite the fact that some sound might still penetrate via the doors and windows. This is when they are compared to a wooden-frame home.

3. Pest Proof:

A concrete home that has been made of insulated concrete forms is an unappealing food source for rodents, carpenter ants, or termites. These pests often reside and dine on wood frames walls. Being pest-proof not only implies that the home will be a safe place to stay but also offers a reduction or elimination in the pest control and repair and maintenance costs.

4. A Healthier Indoor Experience:

During the process of construction, insulated concrete forms do not contain any materials that are organic. Therefore, they do not offer an environment where harmful microorganisms, mildew, and mold can grow. Polystyrene which is used in most of the ICFs walls for an insulated concrete home are free from fiberglass, asbestos, and formaldehyde not to mention the fact that they are nontoxic.

5. Less Maintenance and Repair:

Since the material used for the construction of ICFs walls are non-biodegradable, the walls are not vulnerable to deterioration or rot. Furthermore, the reinforcing steel is buried in the concrete something that offers them with protection from corrosion and rusting.

Making the decision to invest in an insulated concrete home by ICFhome.ca is a move that will not only be beneficial to you as a homeowner but also to the property and builders. You will live in a healthy environment and save a lot of construction materials and repair!